Updated / Sony slashes another £30 off PSPgo in UK

Update: Sony’s dismissed the move. The news originated from a listing on sony.co.uk, but it turns out there’s “an error/problem with the website,” a rep has said. The price remains at £159.99.

Original story: Sony has cut the price of the PSPgo by another £30 in the UK, making the UMD-less handheld’s new price point £129.

This is the second time it’s lowered the device’s price in as many months then; a beefier £65 cut went into effect just earlier in the month.

The previous cut was seen as too-little-too-late by analysts, especially with rumors of the PSP2 becoming more and more common. “Now that ‘sources’ have revealed more details regarding PSP2, including a proposed fall 2011 date, it is very unlikely that these prices will clear shelves,” M2 Research’s Billy Pidgeon reckoned. “PSP will see sharp declines this holiday into Q1 2011 without more aggressive price cuts.”

Those swayed by the new price can still take advantage of Sony’s free games deal: until January 31, 2011, everyone who buys a PSPgo gets 10 free games to go with it.