APB buy confirmed, re-launch in 2011

APB will be resurrected, rumored buyer GamersFirst has confirmed today.

The MMOish game will be adopting a free-to-play model and should go live in the first half of 2011, with the title currently undergoing overhauls to make it ready for the rebirth.

Bjorn Book-Larsson, GamersFirst CTO and COO, says the game will be turned into “a true free-to-play game”; it will see “several core design changes,” he’s told Develop, to the tune of $1 million.

“There was also a lot of content in the game that was either never quite finished or not released, and so we’re looking at – in the first phase of development – bringing that into the game.”

In addition, “We have to address all the balancing issues,” Book-Larsson added. “One of the biggest problems with APB was that newcomers would be destroyed upon entering a game for the first time, and were being killed with weapons that you couldn’t get yourself until you played for another ten hours. We’re going to change all that.”

No details on the deal were mentioned, though the previously hinted £1.5 million figure is, according to a trusted source close to the deal, “greatly exaggerated.” The Realtime Worlds property’s deathbed value is said to have been less than 1 percent of its £100 million budget.