Final Fantasy XIV is ‘100% complete’ on PS3, still needs optimizing

We’ve been able to play Final Fantasy XIV on PC (for free) for a few months now, but those holding out on the PS3 version are still sat patiently waiting. To tide you over Squeenix director Nobuaki Komoto has offered a brief status update on the port. He’s told Famitsu that “in terms of the port, the PC version is 100% complete and running on the PS3.”

“We’re currently busy optimizing PS3 performance to make it run as smoothly as possible. We’re doing everything we can to make it perform closely to the PC version, so it may prove to take more time to release.”

Is it possible that the game will be delayed further past it’s March release then? “We’ll also use that time to implement the fixes suggested by PC gamers.”

If a delay means that the PS3 version is a step up from the poor-received PC original then we’ll gladly wait.