OnLive’s micro console launches December 2nd, priced at $99

PC gamers have been able to get their hands on OnLive on their rigs for a while now, but those that prefer the console approach might be happy to know that the micro console for TVs is on its way. It will hit on December 2nd, armed with a controller and a $50 credit voucher to use on any game. You’ll be able to plug in three other controllers and a USB or Bluetooth headset.

On top of that you can now pay a monthly fee to have full access to the system’s entire library of games. You can also grab three of five day rentals but we don’t know the prices just yet. Online CEO Steve Perlman stated: “This is a big day for OnLive. It’s the culmination of more than eight years of hard work by many people, both at OnLive and at our partners, to realise a dream that so many people said was impossible.

“My hat’s off to the team for their dedication and sacrifice to reach this incredible achievement. It has been an honour to work with everyone who made this dream a reality.”