The Witcher 2 available at launch via Good Old Games

It seems that Good Old Games, the premier home for digital versions of classic PC games and subject of a recent closing stunt, may be starting to move beyond retro titles and into the 21st century. The initial offering, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, will be made available for purchase in May. With Good Old Games being a DRM free service, this only backs up CD Projekt RED’s assertions that they would “do their utmost” to prevent shoddy DRM in the game.

News of the RPG’s availability comes in wake of a CD Projekt press conference today. No word on what announcements might be made, but with the company being responsible for both Good Old Games and The Witcher 2, it’s a safe bet that something concerning the marriage of the two properties will be mentioned.

It seems odd to have a press conference for something that could be easily told via a press release. Maybe some clarification on the game’s console availability status, please?