No reason F1 can’t be to Codemasters what FIFA is to EA

After ripping the F1 license off of Sony’s hands back in 2008, Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens promises from this point forth to make it tough for any developer out there attempting to take it away. He believes it was a matter of quality, not quantity that won the Dirt and Grid developer the rights to create the very well-received, multi-platform game that is F1 2010, saying: “other companies would have paid more, but it came down to the quality of the game.”

Combine that “quality” with the mentality of the studio and the fact that racers is what Codemasters does best and it’s not hard to understand why the company was the chosen one. “There’s no reason why F1 can’t be as established and important a part of our annual release schedule as FIFA is to EA,” said Cousens. “I believe we won this licence because racing games are in the DNA of Codemasters.”

While the license is in safe hands until 2012, Cousens made it a point to not only credit and praise the studio, but also claim “someone would have to really go some way to beat us. And I’m not sure who’s out there that could do that.”