id Software’s Carmack raging to use Kinect

Misleading titles aside, no, id Software’s upcoming title Rage will probably not be using Kinect’s technology. However, motion sensor has caught the eye of legendary co-founder John Carmack (he made that game Doom, have you heard of it?) and he is interested on using the technology in upcoming titles.

Carmack told Joystiq he has an “itch to make a Kinect title for Xbox Live”, though he is quick to say he  “[doesn’t] know even know what [he’d] want to do yet”, considering he has currently been busy working on the aforementioned Rage, which is coming to PC/PS3/360 and the iPhone OS.

But could a game like Rage work with Kinect? Probably not, according to Carmack. “I can’t use Kinect for our real games; there just isn’t a place for our current FPSes on there,” he said. “But it’s an interesting technology, and an Xbox Live game would be the perfect platform to do something like that on, at about the same scale of [a game for] an iOS device.”