The MMO Round-Up / Nov 21

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

APB is coming back soon as APB: Reloaded and its new developer discussed what’s coming for the relaunch of the game.

City of Heroes developer Paragon Studios answered a few questions about the game’s upcoming Issue 19 update.

The mountain of problems for Final Fantasy XIV continue to grow as they’re trying to balance out some of the core skills as well as fixing some problems with the way monsters spawn.

Adventurine teases possible dynamic quests and events coming soon to Darkfall.

The preview patch notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 8 made an appearance this week.

The 1.4 update to Warhammer Online went live this week so if you fancy it, check out the update’s patch notes.

If you’re a fan of beta testing MMOs then keep an eye on Rift as it will hit closed beta on Dec 3.

Kingdom Under Fire II has been confirmed for PS3 during the recently past G-Star 2010 gathering.

The Star Trek Online store has been expanded to include items from the TV series Enterprise.

Jegex studios won a patient infringement case that was brought against them this week and the company’s CEO had some words about it.

Tired of getting actual work done at work? Don’t worry, because now you can play Second Life right through your browser.

Free-to-play mega publisher Perfect World reported a down turn in their revenue this week after revealing their latest numbers.

SEGA released their iPhone/iPod Touch MMO this week called Kingdom Conquest and best of all, it’s free.

Nexon’s released a new epic trailer for their new MMO Vindictus for all of us to enjoy.

Thanks to all the issues that Final Fantasy XIV has been having, players will be enjoying another free month.

Fallen Earth developer Icarus released its Nov edition of Fallen Earth’s state of the game.

A slightly off-beat MMO World of Tanks has reached 500,000 active players since launching.

Season 3 of Star Trek Online will let players re-play through old episodes of the game, or you can create your own.

Just because the expansion to EVE Online was delayed doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a shiny new trailer.