Add palpable controls to your touchscreen phone

Over the last few years, mobile gaming has increased dramatically among the global population, and if you happen to be a gamer on-the-go, you’d probably include yourself in that group. But it’s not always easy to handle the controls; you can instantly lose track of where your thumbs actually are, which might have caused you to die a horrible death in a particular game.

Enter Tactile+Plus. The “game controller sticker for smartphones” as Strapya is labeling it, is a sticker with numerous translucent nubs you can apply to your touchscreen phone that will give you a greater sense of where you should place your thumbs in order to not die the aforementioned horrible death.

A pair of these will set you back almost $8 USDs, with no actual guarantee that they’ll do what they are meant to do, but if you’re obsessed with mobile gaming, why not try them out? Might come in handy when Epic lets loose Infinity Blade