First Fallout: New Vegas DLC details emerge

Dead Money, the first DLC from publisher Bethesda’s Fallout: New Vegas is set to arrive in time for the holidays, and until recently, details have been scarce.

In a newsletter from Bethesda, Senior Designer Chris Avellone answered some questions regarding the pack, specifically where it is was set and what the quest could entail. To summarize: Your character (the Courier) is drawn to the mysterious casino known as the Sierra Madre by a faint radio broadcast. The forgotten casino, discovered by former Brotherhood of Steel elder Elijah, is now inhabited by a dangerous group known as the Ghost People for their insistence on wearing hazmat suits to shroud their identity, and the fact the area is swimming with radiation. Oh, and there might be treasure there (it is the Sierra Madre, after all).

The DLC can be engaged after installation by accessing any game prior to the ending of the original quest, so you’ll need to load an earlier save if you’ve already beaten the game. And no, there is no word yet on raising the level cap.