Double Fine unveils Stacking, new downloadable puzzle adventure

After Costume Quest, Double Fine’s first game under the THQ publishing arm, we’ve been expecting the second much-hinted-about downloadable title. Those details have now arrived courtesy of IGN.

Meet Stacking, a third-person adventure puzzler based on adorable little Russian stacking dolls (matryoshka). Set in the 1930s, players will take control of the smallest doll, Charlie Blackmore, in the pursuit to reunite young Charlie with his family. Jumping inside larger dolls will unlock new skill sets to solve puzzles and help Charlie along in his journey. You can continue to stack dolls, but only the outside dolls’ power can be utilized. There’s no one way to stack or solve puzzles, allowing for greater freedom and different styles of play.

Stacking is due out on XBLA and PSN some time in spring 2011.