Sony claims that adding 3D only adds 2% of cost and time

3D is the ‘next big thing’, or at least Sony would have you believe. More than anyone though, they need to convince developers of that fact, or they just won’t get the games. SCEE’s Mike Hocking explained to Develop that adding 3D to games takes up just 2 percent of development time and costs, making it a great option for developers.

“The analysis we’ve got for the games we’re doing internally – and we’re adding 3D to a lot of our games – is that the average investment for adding 3D can be as low as two per cent in time and budget,” he said, “if you think about how profound 3D can make a game, I think that’s more than worth it.”

He also revealed that upcoming complex titles like Killzone 3 and MotorStorm Apocalypse took just weeks to convert to 3D. It might be an easy option but we’re still not going to see if 3D sells until it becomes more affordable.