Sony teases holographic games and talks single-screen multiplayer

Still can’t wrap your head around 3D, with or without glasses? Fear not, technology will advance at such speeds, you won’t know it even hit you. At least, that’d be the case if you ask Sony as the company is already teasing “holographic” titles to be next big thing for PlayStation 3.

“3D on mobile devices, and other forms of 3D, are all possible and many companies are working on them right now,” SCEE studio director Mick Hocking says. “We also have techniques like holographics for the PS3 that I think will be very interesting for the future 3D games.”

According to US academics though, who’ve been working on holographic technology and made considerable advances in the area, this won’t be available for consumers for at least another seven years.

Here’s another dose of sci-fi reality for you. Not only are 3D and holograms something Sony wants to pursue and deliver to their audiences, but how about you and your buddy going for some multiplayer matches on one single screen, without ever knowing what the other one is doing, or where he’s doing it? Another ambition of Sony’s.

“We have some new technology that we’ve shown to developers that uses 3D techniques, it allows two players to play full screen multi-player games but without each being able to see the others view, and they have been massively keen on them,” revealed Hocking, adding that there’s “lots to come,” and that it “isn’t just about adding 3D to the PS3 – there’s a whole wave of new technologies and techniques that make use of 3D and the 3D hardware that we can use to enhance our games with in the future.”

PS3, 3D, Move and holograms… Star Wars right in your living room?