New Vegas tops October charts

According to the NPD data for October, Fallout New Vegas took the top spot as the best-selling console title as well as the best-selling title for the PC. There’s no doubt as to how this happened either; while not quite reaching the scores of its predecessor Fallout 3, New Vegas managed to cash in “well over” $300 million across all platforms, which equals about 5 million copies sold. Adding the fact that Dead Money, the first DLC, is just a few weeks away, we wouldn’t bet on sales slowing down too much just yet.

“We recognize that there are many high-quality games that come out during this time of year,” said President of Bethesda Softworks Vlatko Andonov. “We couldn’t be more pleased at how well the game has been received and we want to thank our fans for their overwhelming support of the game.”