Bungie now selling ‘Bungie Aerospace’ clothing

In March, Bungie trademarked the name “Bungie Aerospace.” Then we had no idea what it meant, and today we are similarly bewildered. Some postulated it was the studio’s new name, following its departure from Microsoft. Others thought it was the name of proprietary software, to be licensed out to other developers. Now, the “Bungie Aerospace Situation” (as history will remember it) gets even more confusing.

Bungie is hosting a Black Friday deal on Bungie Aerospace clothing. Starting today the developer has unleashed a heap of t-shirts bearing the Aerospace name and logo. But unfortunately, the developer still did not clue us in on as to just what the name/logo means.

But, if you’d like to dress in clothing that no one knows the meaning of, check out the Black Friday deal page on Bungie.net.

While we’re on the subject, what do you think Bungie Aerospace is?