Carmack backs digital goods, thinks discs are on the way out

Let’s think about it: Steam, Xbox’s Games on Demand service, PSN, we could switch over to complete digital distribution tomorrow if we wanted to. But packaged goods are still the dominant product and will be for some time, simple as that. That hasn’t stopped id Software’s super nerd John Carmack speaking out on his love for services like Apple’s app store.

“Clearly, packaged goods sales are still critical on the big platforms at this stage, but that’s all going to go away sooner or later,” the fortune teller told The Telegraph. “You know, I really, really like the app store platform as far as being able to remove obstacles to getting your product out.”

id Software recently put out their first title for idevice, a mini-Rage adventure called Mutant Bash TV. Carmack loves that a team like his can co-exist on a platform with smaller developers: “You don’t have to cut deals with publishers. It’s almost completely egalitarian on there. It’s great to see all the small teams that wind up making these breakout hit games for the Apple devices.”

For the star developer there’s no question that this is the way it’s going to go.

id’s next title for consoles, the real Rage, will hit discs next year.