More damage features on the way for GT5

Gran Turismo 5 is jam packed with features showcasing the breadth and depth of a game five years in the making: 26 different locations, 71 tracks, 1k+ cars, etc. One touted feature – mechanical damage modeling – is conspicuously absent, but won’t be for long. NowGamer reports that after a reviewer at Level 17 asked if mechanical damage would be included in GT5, producer Kazunori Yamauchi tweeted: “it will appear later.”

An SCEE representative later clarified that more damage features will be on the way stating, “we hope to introduce even more damage features at a later date and will provide an update on this as soon as we can.”

For now, fans will need to settle for the cosmetic dings and dents until a more substantive feature is added. Those dying for mechanical damage gameplay could just set the time machine to 1999 and fire up GT2 for PlayStation. Probably best to wait it out.