VGAs set to reveal new Resident Evil?

Spike’s Video Game Awards are to play host to a number of new game trailers and reveals this year and rumors have been spilling in about what new titles we’ll see. The latest whispers even point towards a reveal of a brand new Resident Evil title.

A recent teaser posted suggested we’ll be seeing a new zombie game shown off. The presence of a Biohazard symbol (the game’s title in Japan) was a strong hint that this could indeed be a new Resident Evil game, but Gamerzines has uncovered even more proof. The teaser poster includes a few silhouettes of zombies. Two of these figures are the exact same ones as seen on an official Resident Evil t-shirt. That’s a pretty big coincidence, eh?

It’s probably Resident Evil, but which Resident Evil? RE6? Slant Six Game’s multiplayer project? December 11th should reveal all.