The MMO Round-Up / Nov 28

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

The World of Warcraft has been shattered with the return of Deathwing, with the full Cataclysm expansion coming on Dec 7.

The latest patch notes for the delayed EVE Online expansion Incursion were released.

Adventurine is planning some changes to Darkfall’s many aspects, including crafting.

A trailer for Runes of Magic’s upcoming Limo Desert update was released.

The sci-fi robot MMO Perpetumm was launched earlier.

Champions Online designer Chris Matz cleared up some questions about the game’s power changes.

The Nov update for Final Fantasy XIV went live, check out the patch notes.

The Santa patch for EVE Online is set to remove learning skills from the game.

Final Fantasy XI got a a trailer for its Heroes of Aybssea update.

The highly stylized MMO Iris Online headed into a open beta.

Free-to-play MMO War of Angels went into open beta.

If you go back to play Star Wars Galaxies you’ll get a free week and and in-game Indian Jones whip and hat.

DC Universe dropped a fly through trailer for Gotham City.

The latest address to the Aion community talked about account security and server transfers.

CCP assured concerned players this week that micro-transactions wouldn’t impact EVE Online’s gameplay.

The free-to-play conversion for Pirates of the Burning Sea was delayed until this coming week.