Analysts split on PlayStation Phone

There’s a lot of evidence to suggest the performance of Sony’s as of yet unofficial PlayStation Phone could go either way. On one hand, past failures like the N-Gage and the recent lackluster support for the PSP don’t help the product’s chances but at the same time mobile gaming has never been backed by a name as strong as PlayStation.

It’s near impossible to predict if it will be successful or not, which is showing in early analyst predictions. For example, Games Investor analyst Nick Gibson isn’t so keen, saying: “With PSP2 SDKs currently being deployed to developers and PSP still selling at surprisingly robust levels, the PlayStation Phone concept is something of an enigma.

“Where and how will it fit into the PlayStation family of products? While a PlayStation-branded game phone might make commercial sense to Sony Ericsson, Sony Computer Entertainment’s approach to hardware is radically different, and there are numerous scenarios where such a product could do more harm than good.”

Meanwhile, Maxwell Scott-Slade is on the other side of the fence. He stated: “People who know and love the PlayStation brand are more likely to be drawn to the PlayStation Phone for gaming, rather than a phone that also does gaming.

“A lot of gamers still don’t take the iPhone seriously as a gaming platform, and the introduction of a behemoth brand like PlayStation could help change those minds.”

The PlayStation Phone is expected to get a full reveal on December 9th.