Licensed-based games are “dead like the dinosaur,” says EA’s Gibeau

Whenever Hollywood decides to make a movie based on a game, gamers across the globe scream in agony because we know nothing good will come of it. It’s been that way movie after movie, and there are no signs saying the curse will end anytime soon. Interestingly enough, making a game based on a movie license won’t deliver any good news either, or rather can’t, if EA Games label president Frank Gibeau is to be believed.

“The days of licensed-based, 75-rated games copies are dead like the dinosaur,” said Gibeau, and when asked if EA was to return to license-based game publishing (for instance, James Bond), Gibeau answered with a very well-intended “no, absolutely not.”

“We dumped that licence because we felt like we needed to own more intellectual property, and we don’t like where James Bond is going with all the creative limitations on it.”

“The percentage royalties you have to pay the licensors are going the wrong way for publishers. The margins are being squeezed. And, to top it all off, the movie-game business is falling apart,” expressed Gibeau, adding that “the guys who made James Bond games for us, well yeah, they went on and made Dead Space. And look where we are now; what would you rather publish, retail and play – the latest James Bond or Dead Space 2?”

So… James Bond or Isaac Clarke?