Patents show off potential PSP2’s back-trackpad and multitouch

As if we didn’t need any more evidence that something big is brewing in the hardware development team at Sony, recent patent applications have apparently laid bare some specific features the company is exploring for the next version of its PSP handheld.

The applications detail specifics such as “a handheld device with two-finger touch triggered selection” and “a case having first and second major surfaces; a visual display disposed on the first major surface; a touch interface disposed on at least one of the major surfaces.”

If we assume the first major surface is the front panel and the second is the back of the device, this could be a strong pointer that the previously-rumoured Moto BackTrack-style multitouch panel sitting on the rear of the console will be making its way onto the finished product.

The patents also show a variety of aesthetic approaches for the next handheld – from a clamshell design reminiscent of the Nintendo DS to a candybar design that current PSP owners are familiar with. Browse the gallery at Akhibara News to check them out for yourself.