Rubicon given free PS Vita dev kits

Isle of Wight-based developer Rubicon has reportedly gotten its hands on early PS Vita dev kits for free, courtesy of Sony. Four devices have been loaned to the studio to make an “upgraded” version of its iOS title Great Little War Game for the Vita, much to the delight of technical director Steven Haggerty.

“They’ve just always been so useful in dealing with us,” said Haggerty, adding: “we’ve worked with Apple, and you can’t get anything out of them. Microsoft rarely responds and I suppose Nintendo are okay, but Sony are always there to help. They always get back to you.”

Not only does this “leak” strengthen Sony’s stance on mobile platforms, but also makes the company quite popular among indie developers that are now hoping to be targets of similar affection. Sony has yet to outline any licensing policies, but this seems to have been a good start despite what those might dictate.