Rebranded True Crime: Hong Kong next year

“The game previously known as True Crime: Hong Kong,” as it’s referred to in a blog post from Square Enix, will be be out sometime next year, it’s been announced.

Confirmed to have been picked up by the publisher earlier in the week, following former publisher Activision canning the United Front Games undertaking earlier this year, the open-world game will launch for all PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 as originally planned.

Activision held on to the True Crime name though, so the game will reappear under a different moniker. Not that this bothers neither Square or UFG; the pair is quite excited:

“We’re really pleased to be working with Square Enix London Studios and their excitement on the game means a great deal to us,” says UFG president Stefan Wessels. “This is a game we are so passionate about and we believe that together we can fulfil its full potential and deliver something really special.”

Adds Square Enix general manager Lee Singleton: “There’s an incredible new game engine, a rich story with deep and complex characters and gameplay features which have simply never been seen at this level in an openworld game. We have thoroughly assessed the project and are very well aligned with where the game needs to go in order to be successful. Our team has a history of working with premium independent studios and we believe we can work together with United Front Games to make this one of the stand-out titles in the genre.”