Batman to dress up for DLC

The Dark Knight has been through his fair share of different get-ups over the years, and Rocksteady will be recognizing this for Batman: Arkham City.

Last week saw a bunch of different retailer-specific costumes announced, available to those that pre-order the game. Eurogamer has since confirmed however that all the costumes will be available as DLC a little later on.

“The offer that we’re making out with retailers for gamers is, this is an early access opportunity for you,” Rocksteady’s marketing manager Dax Ginn told the site. “Absolutely down the track [the skins] will be available more broadly.”

So, no, we won’t have to choose between Animated Batman and future Batman. Phew!

Batman: Arkham City will be out on October 18 in the US, followed by October 21 in the EU.