Sony not phased by slow 3D sales

Unless you’ve been living on Mars with your fingers in your ears, you’ll know that Sony has been pushing big time on 3D gaming in the past few years. Despite their efforts however, it would seem the the tech isn’t catching on quick with consumers.

Apparently this isn’t a problem for the company. At least that’s what SCEE senior dev manager Simon Benson has said to (via). Speaking about the slow uptake, he stated: “It’s certainly not a concern for us on the game side, the major reason being it’s not like when we’re adding 3D features to a game, it’s not a significant overhead for us. It’s not like we have to justify being able to sell millions more games because of it, it’s just another feature of the game.

“In terms of uptake, certainly from our side, and it’s typically the way, probably the same happened with HDTVs, they say that HDTV was primarily driven from gamers. Because obviously gamers know what they want, they want this new experience, they’re technically savvy, the fact that they can interact with it makes a lot of difference.”

Sony isn’t the only company to push 3D and come up short; the sluggish sales of Nintendo’s 3DS have lead to a huge price cut effective on August 12. Perhaps drops like this are the answer to the third dimension’s recent woes.