Will Arnett and Jason Bateman debuting original content for Call of Duty: Elite

When Call of Duty: Elite launches with Modern Warfare 3 later this year, it will include the work of Arrested Development’‘s Jason Bateman and Will Arnett.

The comedy duo’s DumbDumb Productions is creating original content just for Elite. No word yet on what the content will look like, but Arnett will be on hand at Call of Duty: XP next month to preview whatever it is.

“I consider myself a gamer,” Arnett said. “When you look at the time spent gaming, versus other entertainment outlets whether it’s watching TV or watching movies; for me, I probably spend more time gaming. I want my videogames to be entertaining. You realize that videogames are a real outlet that needs to be taken seriously.”

Good to hear a gamer is behind the project and not some generic Hollywood person. Expect more details at next month’s Call of Duty: XP, which you can still buy tickets for at $150 each with all proceeds going to the Call of Duty Endowment.