Hard Reset demo confirmed

Flying Wild Hog’s first project, Hard Reset, will see a demo released before launch. This was confirmed by studio co-founder Klaudiusz Zych during a recent interview, in which he also interestingly described that shooters are the easiest games to create demos for because “you don’t have to introduce story for a couple of hours, and the game mechanics don’t need to be learned for three hours. You just sit down and beat the crap out of the bad guys. Those are the mechanics.”

He went on to explain, “I can’t imagine that we wouldn’t do a demo of Hard Reset,” said Zych. “It’s an old-school game, and in the old times, games had demos. So yes, there will be a demo close to the game’s release in September.”

The sci-fi shooter will launch in September, only on PC. If you don’t know of the game, check out the electrifyingly shocking and explosive trailer; the cyberpunk in you will more than likely love it.