Mortal Kombat making a killing, has sold close to 3 million copies

When the original Mortal Kombat was released, it was a sort of “right place at the right time” thing. Street Fighter II had made fighting games popular, and its added ultra violence gimmick just stole everyone’s attention like a major car accident only without any of the bad parts. It was the start of a huge franchise that has lately seen a steady decline in popularity and success. A switch to 3D and tie-ins to DC Comics just didn’t manage to save it. But fast forward a couple years, to Netherrealm Studios creating a classic-style MK that returns to 2D action and a memorable, nostalgic roster. Now, a few months after release, it looks like the game has found itself in yet another “right place at the right time.”

WB Interactive President Martin Tremblay has stated that the new game has sold close to 3 million units worldwide, and has completely covered what the company spent in buying the assets from a collapsing Midway. Not too shabby for a series no one has taken seriously for several years at this point.

The best thing to come of this news is the fact that another solid entry now sounds incredibly likely. Here’s hoping it fares just as well.