George Washington’s descendant the enemy in leaked Ubisoft game?

Normally Ubisoft work on pretty sound concepts for their action games: elite agents, master assassins and super-secret hit squads are no stranger to the publisher.

It looks like the company could be going a little more ‘out there’ for an upcoming game however. Siliconera is reporting (via an unnamed source) that ‘Project Osborn’, an unannounced action game, will take the fight to John Washington, a descendant of legendary president George Washington.

According to the source, Washington goes a bit Tyler Durden-ish having had his own military turn on him in Afghanistan. In light of a chance to eliminate Al Qaeda, the US instead bomb Washington’s base. Washington apparently then forms ‘the Minutemen’, a terrorist cell. He uses his knowledge on guerrilla warfare (having written a thesis on the subject) to bring the fight to America, in an effort to restore it to the land pictured by its forefathers. We’ll play as both Osborn – a SEALs squad trying to take Washington down – and the Minutemen themselves.

It sounds bonkers to say the least, but  perhaps it can succeed where other franchises didn’t. The chance to use guerrilla tactics on American soil could make for some of the most hard-hitting, brutal gameplay available. The game’s in development for both PS3 and 360, but no word on when/if it’ll get an official reveal.