Post-cut PS3 sales rise ‘immediately, significantly’

This Tuesday’s PS3 price cut has yielded immediate results, two retailer giants are reporting.

Now at $249 in the US, GameStop and Target have said, respectively, that the system’s sales have changed for the better ‘significantly’ and ‘immediately’.

“In terms of recent trends, clearly, we’ve had 2 major events recently with the price drop on the 3DS and the recent price drop on the PS3 platform. That has seen a significant increase in the rate of sale of those platforms, as you would expect,” says GameStop president Tony Bartel.

Target has seen “an immediate lift in units sold since Tuesday’s PS3 price-cut” as well, according to a company spokesperson.

“With the functionality of the PS3 – built-in Blu-ray player, Netflix steaming capabilities, stereoscopic 3D –   in addition to the new lower price and exciting software lineup for fall, PS3 is a great option for Target’s guests.”

It’s too early for specifics, but this month’s NPD numbers could prove to be interesting.