EA hit back (again) in Activision “mud-slinging”

Battlefield 3 publisher EA won’t let up in the verbal war between the company and Modern Warfare 3 publisher Activision, having now responded to comments made by the rival at Gamescom last week, which accused EA of “mudslinging”.

Corporate spokesman Jeff Brown told IndustryGamers: “Welcome to the big leagues Eric — I know you’re new in the job but someone should have told you this is an competitive industry.

“You’ve got every reason to be nervous. Last year Activision had a 90 share in the shooter category. This year, Battlefield 3 is going to take you down to 60 or 70. At that rate, you’ll be out of the category in 2-3 years. If you don’t believe me, go to the store and try to buy a copy of Guitar Hero or Tony Hawk.”

Don’t expect this to be the last you hear from either side. With EA drawing first blood as Battlefield 3 launches in just over two months, the two will likely keep up the chatter long after Modern Warfare 3‘s release in November.