EA hope to cover all bases/goals with FIFA 12 and FIFA Sport

With two FIFA games on the horizon – including the annual franchise update in FIFA 12 and the spin-off reboot in FIFA Street – EA hopes to have covered the vast majority of football fans looking to pick up the sport on PS3 or 360.

New EA Sports president Andrew Wilson told Eurogamer that the company hopes fans will buy both. “There are people who are looking for authentic football that’s fast paced with more flair and a little bit more pizzazz,” he said. “They may or may not play FIFA already, but that’s just the game and experience they’re looking for. We’ll get to those gamers.

“But then there’s a FIFA gamer out there who says, listen, I love the strategy of 11 11 football. I love the build up. I love having to build from the midfield right through in order to score. But I’d also like something quicker and higher scoring. So I think we’re going to get both.”

Not all FIFA players will be interested in Street though, as Wilson himself admits: “I don’t think we’ll get all FIFA gamers, because there’s a core FIFA gamer that likes it just the way it is. But we’ll get some who are looking for something different.”

FIFA Sport was one of the first announcements made at Gamescom last week. It’s set to launch in 2012 while FIFA 12 is aiming for a September release.