Playdead’s next “at least” 3.5 years from completion

Limbo developer Playdead is at work on their next property, this we know. When will we play it though? No sooner than the year 2015, it seems.

The new project “will take at least three and a half years” to finish, Dino Patti, the studio’s co-founder, has told Edge.

“A good game takes time.”

The only bit known about the title is that it’ll make use of the Unity engine, as opposed to creating their own tech as they did with Limbo.

“It’s like having a double product, doing both engine and game,” business partner Arnt Jensen added. “And our next project is a little more ambitious than Limbo so there are a lot of things we don’t want to make from the beginning.”

The studio’s highly praised first became available on XBLA last summer before launching on PSN and Steam just last month. And it is worth your money.