Resistance 3 now available in 3D TV pre-orders

Back at E3 2011 Sony announced a slick-looking PlayStation branded 3D TV complete with the 3D enabled Resistance 3.

The company has since removed Insomniac’s exclusive shooter from the bundle and replaced it with MotorStorm Apocalypse, another 3D title. But those disappointed with the switch need not dread; Resistance 3 will now be a pre-order incentive.

Lay down an early order for the TV  before September 30 and you’ll be treated to both the racing apocalypse and the alien one. A pair of 3D glasses will be included so that you can indeed see both in the third dimension. You’ll probably also need a heart rate monitor for all those bits of rubble you’ll be dodging and chimera you’ll be ducking. Probably.