Dead Island Riptide continues zombie vacation


Dead Island, with it’s mix of RPG, FPS and co-op, felt like Left 4 Dead meets all-inclusive resort. I put on my sunscreen, picked up a golf club and started bashing heads. Definitely my kind of vacation. But developer Deep Silver wasn’t content on letting the four survivors from Banoi go about their post-vacation lives with piƱa colada in hand. Not when there’s another island full of zombies to bash into bloody pulp.

"Um, I'll just hold the flashlight."

Dead Island Riptide kicks off where the original ended, throwing the player’s hopes of getting home overboard. Trapped on the island of Pananai, players will strike out head-first into a monsoon where weather conditions effect gameplay. If I were the kind of writer to drop a pun or two, I’d say death *removes glasses* is in the forecast.

Riptide also adds a new character, new “hub defense” missions, and gruesome new zombie mutations to keep gamers on their sand-covered toes. Deep Silver is promising a more cohesive co-op experience with new communication features so teamwork will be critical for survival instead of a suggestion where some kid on Live is teabagging corpses while you do all the work. Deep Silver announced a 2013 release date – for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC – so clear your vacation schedule.