Square Enix announces FFXIII teaser website for September 4th

Square Enix goes for a bold new logo.


Square Enix has launched a  new website solely for the purpose of giving fans more information on what is to be the end of Lightning’s story. Scheduled for release next year on the PS3 and Xbox 360, a lot of questions about gameplay and features have remained—for fans, what must seem like forever—unanswered.

Now that the Tokyo Game Show is just around the corner, Square Enix is finally ready to confirm some of the key elements to Lightning’s finale and the end of the Final Fantasy XIII storyline. According to Gaming Everything, features recently announced promise to yet again alter the gaming experience in this final installment. A night/day cycle seems to have been added, you’re able to control Lightning in real-time battle, and the way you customize her for battle—from head-to-toe—can affect various aspects of the fights.

Visit Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII right now to watch Yoshinori Kitase start off what’s bound to be one of the first exciting teasers to come this month. Remember! September 4th is the next update!