Black Mesa available for download on September 14

Lead developer of Black Mesa, Carlos Montero, has announced that the Half-Life 2 modification will  be available for download on September 14.

For those of you unfamiliar with the project, Black Mesa will allow players to walk in the the shoes of silent protagonist Gordon Freeman, as he sets foot into the Black Mesa Facility for the first time. Montero and his team have recreated almost all of the events and levels of Half-Life 1 within Valve’s acclaimed Source engine,  in turn promising players a more immersive re-entry into the franchise. Montero went on to state however, that the downloadable release will include all levels up to Lambda Core, excluding the Xen portion of the game.

In development for around eight years, Black Mesa has received a considerable amount of attention from videogame press and, more notably, Valve itself, with critics praising the development team’s subtlety and incredible attention to detail.

Whether your a fan of the Half-Life series, or looking to delve into the Half-Life universe for the first time, Black Mesa is looking to be the most immersive and realistic way of introducing yourself to the series. Be sure to catch the download once it’s out on the official website.




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