Dance Central 3 is getting a story mode! …Wait, what?


Dance Central has always been the go to game for Kinect, and Harmonix aims to keep it that way. But what is the next logical step to keeping this franchise fresh and exciting? Apparently the answer lies in a new story mode.

In this brand new story, you play as a recruit to a secret organization called the Dance Central Intelligence. But trouble comes quickly for the DCI as the antagonist, Dr. Tan, shows up to shut down Dance Central. Now it’s up to you to use the DCI’s conveniently placed time machine(yeah, that’s right) to travel across the decades, finding and learning past dance crazes to form your own. The campaign seems like it’ll be fun and campy, so it should be just as fun to play with others as it is to play by yourself. This looks to be a welcome addition to an already great franchise. But don’t take my word for it; check out the new trailer for yourself. And look for what Harmonix calls “a heart-pounding saga of time travel and dance crimes,” when Dance Central 3 releases on October 16.

Trailer courtesy of HarmonixMusic.