Limit Break trailer released for Final Fantasy XIV


Could this be Meteor?


Yesterday, Square Enix unleashed the newest trailer for their second attempt at the delicate craft that is the MMORPG. While the screenshots, concept art, and trailer they’ve released so far have been interesting, we haven’t been able to really get a look at gameplay or the way Eorzea looks and feels. This trailer fixes that.

Demonstrating some of the new and unique creatures—and of course all the staples of the series—this trailer leaves you wanting more. In the trailer you’ll get to see Chocobo cavalries hopping into the air while traversing stunning mountainsides only to be pulled down to a dismal cave. You can tell they are squeezing their gaming engine so hard that the graphics have pulp.

And as this trailer builds to the climatic confrontation with the dragon, you’re gonna reach your target heart-rate for the day. If you’re a fan of MMORPG—or at least excited to see if Square Enix has overcome the shortcomings of FFXI—then you better sit down, bug those eyes, and watch the trailer. You can visit the official site to view the first trailer they released as well as all the goodies they have there, but I’ve got your back Jack! Lean back and enjoy the visceral remains of your future enemies!