New Borderlands 2 Class Announced


On October 16, Borderlands 2 players will have an additional class character to play with. Introducing the Mechromancer: A skill stacking, noob friendly character that will come equipped with “Deathtrap”, a companion robot.

On the noob friendly side, new players will be able to traverse the “Best Friends Forever” skill tree, offering up buffs and assists for her and teammates. This tree will also make Deathtrap a more aggresive, self-sustaining companion in order to remove a lot of the micromanaging from the new player.

For those wanting to max out the Mechromancer’s damage output, there is the “Ordered Chaos” skill stacking tree. Using a skill called “Anarchy”, players can stack the multiple effects of weapons and abilities. Deathtrap can benefit, also, by way of elemental buffs via the weapons you use.

Gearbox has apparently stuffed more and more content into this much anticipated title and apparently the release date won’t be the end of that. Enter Pandora September 18.