Secrets of Dragons’s Spine update announced for Age of Conan

Funcom has announced that a series of updates entitled ‘Secrets of Dragons’s Spine’ will soon be introduced to their acclaimed massively multiplayer online game, Age of Conan.

The updates will allow players to roam through a new desolate desert region located southwest of the city of Pteion. The developers have also stated that the content is directed towards level 80 players, and will provide them with a new raid area, an outdoor region, a new PVP area, as well as new cultural items, armor sets, weapons, mounts and rewards. The updates will also include a series of new dungeons which the developers say are similar to those found in their previous update entitled ‘The Savage Coast of Turan’.

Funcom has not announced exactly when the updates will begin hitting servers, but simply stated they’ll be arriving ‘in the next few months’. When they do arrive though, there’s no doubt that Age of Conan fans will find the desert landscapes of Secrets of Dragons’s Spine to be both a welcome and beautiful addition to the game’s already expansive and very immersive game world.



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