Pirate Storm receives guild system update

Free-to-play MMORPG Pirate Storm has received an update called Death or Glory. The update expands on the game’s current guild system, by allowing players to build, upgrade, and defend their own fortresses in various areas throughout the game world. Members of guilds level 5 or over, will be also be able to participate in guild raids and earn Raid Points to purchase items and unlock special rewards.

Death and Glory will also introduce a new currency, Guild Gold, which can be earned by players to purchase upgrades, and build defenses and structures within their claimed territories.

A crafting system has also been introduced, in which players can use their earned Raid Points to purchase blueprints with crafting recipes, and craft advanced munitions and weapons.

Pirate Storm: Death and Glory is now live, and can be played for free through your browser at http://www.piratestorm.com/

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