Editorial: Xbox or PlayStation, what point in your life influenced your choice?

When it comes to Xbox and PlayStation, it seems everyone prefers gaming on one console more than the other. More often than not, you not only find gamers who heavily prefer one console, but swear by one console. As if the gamer was the dark lord Sauron himself, finally acquiring his one console to rule them all, one console to find them, one console to bring them all, and in the darkness BIND THEM!

If that’s you, how did you get that way? What point in your past didn’t you know which console you wanted to pick up? And at that point, what caused you to want one console more than the other? These are all questions that every gamer should consider. It took me a little bit of time to come up with my answer, but I finally discovered that there were a couple deciding moments in my life that forever outlined which series of consoles I would buy, subsequently determining which games I would play, who I would meet online, what friends I would make, and the poor souls I would crush.

My first moment was at Walmart, around the year 2001. I was about 11 or 12 years of age and playing the Nintendo 64 on display in the video game section while I waited for my parents. At this point, Nintendo 64 was the only console I owned. An older kid, about 15 or 16, came up to me and asked me which I thought would be the best console, Xbox or GameCube. I hadn’t heard of either one, and they weren’t out yet. I told him I didn’t know, and he said he thought the Xbox would be the best one, even better than the PS2, and continued to tell me a little bit about how awesome it was.

While I can’t remember this guys face, what game I was playing on the N64, or even what he told me, I remember the question, and I remember the hype about the Xbox, and I was impressed. This one random kid, little did he know, planted an experience in my mind that I wanted to have, and associated that experience with the Xbox. I played the PS2 a few times after that day, before getting to play an Xbox, but I was never able to get the experience that I had been told would come from the Xbox.

A year or two later in life, I met one of my closest friends. We would play football out in the street in front of our houses, and one day I was invited inside to play on his Xbox, which was the very first time I experienced one. The first game I ever played was Obi-Wan, and I was addicted. Blown away by the graphics (and the size of the controller!). The same experience I was told about earlier in my life at Walmart, I got playing that game, and I’ve been ‘all things Xbox’ ever since.

Now you know my story, what’s yours? Are there many people like me, who can point to one or two points in their life and say “That’s what determined my choice in console”? Or has it been more of a gradual experience? Maybe your choice was never between Xbox and PS3, but perhaps some combination with the Nintendo Wii? I’d like to read your story in the forums or in the comment section below!


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