CD Projekt Red want two lucky player’s faces in one their upcoming projects

CD Projekt Red, developers of the Witcher franchise, have announced that they wil be holding a competition from September 5th till September 30th 10pm GMT (1pm PST). The grand prize? The chance to have your face digitized and inserted into one of the developer’s upcoming titles.

You can take part in the competition by purchasing a copy of The Witcher 2:Assassin of Kings through Steam anytime between said dates, and providing them with proof of purchase, along with a short of explain of why you think your face should be in the game.

If you’ve already purchased The Witcher 2:Assassin of Kings, then congratulations! You’re automatically placed as a winne… hold on.

If you’ve already purchased the game, then you’re going to have send CD Projekt Red a picture of yourself dressed as a character from one of their games, along with an explanation of why you should have your face in the game. The developers suggest that you try your best to make the picture look as authentic as possible, by using lots of props and what not. In other words, cosplay level:over 9000!!!

If you’re over 18, head over to the official website and and choose between the two methods of participation. You’re only allowed to submit one entry(unless you somehow have two faces that you’re willing to share with them…), so pretty up that face and brush up your writing skills. Two winners will be announced in October.

Good luck!


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