Buy or Bargain Bin: Halo Vs Gears of War


Welcome to Buy or Bargain Bin, the game where the readers choose which game they would rather buy or have tossed in the $5 bargain bin. The game is simple, every week I pick two videogames either past or present and you choose which one lives and which one dies. Cast your vote in the comment section below and also provide a reason or reasons why you “bought” one game and “killed” another. Voting stops next Thursday and if it’s a tie I will be the deciding vote and I can assure you if it comes to that the game which gets tossed in the bargain bin will get no mercy in my reason for being “killed”.

The first two games are…

Halo Franchise – November 15th, 2001 to any normal person just sounds like some random date, but to any die hard Halo fan this date is equivalent to the birth of Christ to Christians and it’s when Halo: Combat Evolved was released. The first Halo game, Halo: Combat Evolved is arguably the greatest launch title of all time and the Halo franchise has won more top-tier awards than most videogame studios have in total since 2001. Halo is a household name and will be for the foreseeable future due to it’s intense fan base. With it’s captivating story and legendary multiplayer experience Halo is one hell of franchise.

Gears of War Franchise – Originally seen as the “Halo wannabe”, Gears of War has made great strides of it’s own since 2006 as a huge competitor in the videogame world. With it’s first game earning a Metacritic score of 94/100 it was a clear sign of good things to come from Epic Games. With Halo also being published by Microsoft Game Studio the Gears of War franchise has always had something to prove. With it’s third person, cover based shooting style is was very different from the Halo franchise bringing players from Halo over to the Gears of War side. It’s ferocious fan base has kept Gears of War a big name title for years, but now that the main trilogy is at an end we can only wait and see what Epic Games can do to keep the amazing series going and with Halo now starting off on a new trilogy as well we can most certainly see some more competition between the two great series.

There are my first two picks for Buy or Bargin Bin and you can only buy one! Sorry PlayStation guys, I’ll be sure to make a PlayStation exclusive vote sometime in the near future. Cast your vote in the comment section below, we will post the winner next Friday and also have a new face off.
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