Planetside 2 Alpha Squad Package announced

Sony Online Entertainment have announced that fans of Planetside 2 can now purchase (for a limited time) the Alpha Squad Package.

Priced at $39.99, the package essentially allows you to buy your way into the ongoing beta. Alright fine, it does include a whole bunch of other goodness, but it’s instant access to the beta that’ll get Planetside fans really excited about this package. It’ll also give players 40$ worth of Station Cash to spend on in-game items.

Other features that will be availabe upon the game’s launch include:

– Exclusive camo sets (vehicle, armor and weapon skins)

– A unique decal

– An exclusive title: “Founder”

– A 6 month 10% XP and Resource boost

– A total of 12 weapon unlocks spanning each of the three empires.

Purchase the Planetside 2 Beta/Alpha Squad Package (whichever floats your boat) here.





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