Three big announcements for EverQuest, including Player Studio™

14 years and running!


For all you committed fans of EverQuest and EverQuest II, have a seat because I’ve got some good news! Just the other day, Sony Online Entertainment not only released information on two more expansion packs but an entirely new and innovative way to play both games. It is called Player Studio™. For all you gamers out there that fancy yourself a programmer or have ever looked at a sword, staff, armor, or potion and went, “This sucks, I bet I could do better.” I have good news!

With Studio, SOE promises that you’re going to be able to download sample geometry for actual in-game objects, and through the use of third-part tools and training, be able to design and customize your own artifacts. With the training they provide you, they’re hoping that you will name and provide them with a description of the item’s abilities and explain how your item fits into the current storyline. If all your hard work meets SOE’s standards then it will be put on the shelves for all EverQuest players to purchase.

But wait! It gets better! Once available in the game, SOE promises that you—the creator of said item—will be given 40% of the net amount they make from your object. Quit rubbing your eyes, you read it right. Not only will your name and unique creativity be on display for all of Norrath, but you’ll be getting real money in your real pocket (or purse, piggy bank, pillow-case-under-the-mattress…wherever you prefer to keep it). John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment is a fan of EverQuest fans and had this to say, “At SOE, we believe everyone is a gamer at heart, and our goal with Player Studio is to provide a platform on which our players can further explore their inner gamer while showcasing their passion for the games they love. We are looking forward to seeing our players’ creativity come to life in an entirely new way.”.



Then comes the second announcement. EverQuest is releasing their 19th expansion pack, Rain of Fear which is slated to be released November of 2012. In Rain of Fear the continued story that started with House of Thule—which brought about the death of Cazic-Thule—takes a unique twist in the storyline. After having destroyed the newly created god, The Triumverate, the stolen fear that exploded into the sky is coming back down in the forms of crystalline shards. You must race to retrieve these shards because the looming question is, who will end up controlling the essence of fear? And if you’re worried about being strong enough to take on the new dangers smashing into Norrath, SOE has your back. Not only will this new content offer you all-new features, character customization, and in-game items, but now all your characters can max out at a ridiculously irresponsible level of 100!




And for all you EverQuest II adventurers, SOE offers up Chains of Eternity! In this 9th expansion to the storyline, death is smothering the land of Norrath. Citizens drop dead during their every-day dealings, spirits ripped from their bodies. Conjecture of the cause leads to signs that there must be a detrimental disturbance in Ethernere, the realm of the dead. You must travel to Ethernere and discover what is causing such discord in the Grey Wastes and discover what has become of its guardian, Drinal. If you fail this quest, both the dead and the living will suffer a far worse fate.

With brand new features including level increases, prestige abilities, adornments that increase their power with your characters, and a new max level of 95, you can be sure you won’t have time to Christmas shop this year! This expansion also includes two spirit-realm versions of overland zones to explore, new dungeons, and exclusive new in-game items making their debut that will only be available in this expansion pack.


And like that secret scene after the credits of a movie, comes this: My fourth—and last—exciting news! I wouldn’t call the headline a lie, I just didn’t mention this one. For all you registered fan-atics who are able to make it to SOE Live this year, you are going to be given a complimentary copy of the standard editions of Rain of Fear and Chains of Eternity when they come out in November! So polish those swords, finish any quests you forgot about, and get ready for your next harrowing adventure!