Insomniac and EA announces Fuse, a futuristic 4 player coop shooter


Insomniac Games, creator of the beloved Ratchet & Clank and Resistance franchises, and Electronic Arts announced their new third person shooter, Fuse. “EA is honored to be working with world-renowned developer, Insomniac Games, to bring their first multiplatform release to players everywhere,” said Sinjin Bain, Vice President of EA Partners. “This studio is known for delivering high-quality, action-packed, and most importantly — fun — games. Fuse is on target to deliver that and more in March.”

Set in the future, Fuse is a 4 player coop action game that follows a team of soldiers code named Overstrike 9 as they take on a rogue paramilitary organization called Raven. To combat them the soldiers will have to use a substance called Fuse. This substance was found in an alien crash site and has been secretly weaponized by the government.

Fuse lets players jump into the shoes of any of the 4 soldiers of team Overstrike 9. There’s the tank type, Dalton, who wields a gun that produces defensive shields and offensive kinetic blasts. Then there’s Jacob, the group sniper who has a crossbow that also spews molten mercury. Also in the group is the obligatory stealth class, portrayed by Naya. She uses a gun that lets her become invisible and shoot singularities. Rounding out the group is the assault healer Izzy. She holds a Shattergun, an assault rifle that crystallizes its targets. She also has healing grenades to help her teammates. Each team member has their own abilities that makes them an asset to the team, making teamwork essential.  “Fuse demonstrates what Insomniac does best: outlandish and gruesome weapons design, over-the-top action and a touch of humor,” said Insomniac Games’ Founder and CEO, Ted Price. “We’re especially excited to see how players utilize lethal teamwork by combining their Fuse weapons to stop a deadly arms race.”

If Fuse seems familiar to you, it’s because it has technically been announced before. The earlier iteration, Overstrike, was announced with a trailer at E3 2011. The game has undergone some changes since then, taking on a more serious tone. Whether this will be good for the game has yet to be seen. Will it end up being a fun adventure filled with wacky weapons, a la Ratchet & Clank? Or will it be a boring disappointment with a forgettable gimmick? We’ll find out when Fuse arrives for all consoles on March 2013.

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