Buy or Bargain Bin: GoldenEye 007 vs Half-Life

Welcome to Buy or Bargain Bin, the game where the readers choose which game they would rather buy or have tossed in the $5 bargain bin. The game is simple, every week I pick two videogames either past or present and you choose which one lives and which one dies. Cast your vote below and also provide a reason or reasons why you “bought” one game and “killed” the other in the comment section.

Last week’s winner was Halo…sorry Gears of War you didn’t have what it takes, but you will be back later for another challenge.

I decided this week we would go back in time to the 90’s with two games from two different consoles from two different developers.

This week’s games are…

GoldenEye 007














Any gamer worth their salt has played GoldenEye 007…in their parents basement…with at least 4 people…for at least 200+ hours in their life. One of the greatest multiplayer games of all time which still holds it’s charm to this day. The game was released in 1997, developed by Rare and published by Nintendo. GoldenEye 007 was released on the N64 exclusively and was based off the James Bond movie GoldenEye which came out in 1995. One thing that still bugs me about this game is that the N64 only had one joystick which made first-person shooters practically impossible to play without breaking 3 of your fingers and GoldEye 007 made you break a 4th finger. The multiplayer maps were simple and to the point and the customization of the multiplayer game type was huge at that time. The story mode wasn’t really that special, but playing on 00 Agent made it that much more fun to actually have to know every part of every level to just survive. Overall GoldenEye 007 is one of the greatest multiplayer games and any game that is 15 years old and can still be picked up to play is great in it’s own right.

















Hailed as the greatest PC game of all time, Half-Life has over 50 Game of the Year awards and over 9 million units sold to prove it. The amount of mods and additional content generated by this game alone is staggering. Half-Life was released in 1998, developed by Valve, published by Sierra Entertainment and released on PC. This game actually almost didn’t happen, Valve could not find a publisher because all publishing companies did not want to invest in such an ambitious undertaking. Sierra On-Line stepped up to the plate when they showed interest in making a 3D action game and decided to work with Valve to make Half-Life happen. In Half-Life you play as Gordan Freeman, a theoretical physicist who gets stuck in the middle of an alien invasion at a secret government facility and the U.S Military trying to kill everyone and everything at said secret goverment facility. Armed with his trusty crowbar and hazmat suit, Gordan takes off into his place of work and an alien homeworld to save the day. Not making this stuff up here people…that is the game in a nutshell. At the time this game was the best looking, best sounding and had the best storyline of anything game on the market. Some notable games that came as mods after Half-Life was released are CounterStrike, Day of Defeat and Team FortressHalf-Life has a cult following and a modding community that is still strong to this day and many first-person shooters that came after Half-Life used Half-Life as the standard for first-person shooters. This game is a classic through and through and so is it’s predecessor Half-Life 2. On a sidenote, Valve really needs to release Half-Life 3 (I know it’s done…I know it is…I can feel it in my bones), they are worse about release dates than Blizzard will ever be.

There are this week’s picks for Buy or Bargain Bin, make sure to vote in the little voting thing below and leave a comment in the comment section letting us know why you bought one game and tossed the other in the bargain bin.


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